About me

I am Andrea Taddei, an enthusiastic promoter of the 5 Biological Laws, a revolutionary approach to understanding the relationship between mind, body, and disease.

For over a decade, I have passionately dedicated myself to disseminating the 5 Biological Laws discovered by Dr. Hamer, through various platforms including courses, webinars, presentations, and publications. My goal is to make this extraordinary medical paradigm accessible to everyone, revolutionizing our conception of health and so-called “illness.”

Among my most notable publications, translated into English, French, Spanish, and Italian, are “The 5 Biological Laws and Dr. Hamer’s New Medicine”, “The 5 Biological Laws: Bones, Muscles, and Joints”, “The 5 Biological Laws: Skin and Cutaneous Allergies”, “The 5 Biological Laws: Anxiety and Panic Attacks”, “The 5 Biological Laws: Schizophrenic Constellations” and “Compendium of 5 Biological Laws: Signs and Symptoms”. Through these works, I strive to offer interested individuals a practical and comprehensive guide to understanding and applying the 5 Biological Laws in their own lives.

My mission extends beyond mere dissemination: I aim to inspire and guide people toward a new approach to health, based on awareness of the connection between mind and body. My courses provide a unique opportunity for learning and exploration, where everyone can discover the transformative potential of the 5 Biological Laws.

If you are curious to learn more and wish to explore this fascinating world with me, I invite you to enroll in my courses and join our community of individuals seeking a deeper and integrated approach to health and well-being. We are ready to share our passion and knowledge with you, and to accompany you on a journey toward a more authentic and conscious health.